Plugging Along, Over Half Way There with Crossing Cassie

I have never been so motivated to finish a project like this one.

For years I have enjoyed writing fanfiction, extending my love for a show by writing the characters the way I see them. I even did some alternate universe stories, with the TV characters, molding them a bit. But they were always someone elses character.

Creating and fleshing out Cassie Cross, my heroine, has been a true journey for me. Getting in her head, speaking through her voice, giving her that voice. has been a freeing experience.

I want to create this world where ambiguity plagues the reader. Making them wonder if they are rooting for the right person.

Cassie Cross is a young woman looking for something. She isn’t sure what she wants and where she belongs. Cassie is a victim of missed opportunities and chances. I live my life on the belief of no regrets. Cassie Cross has regrets and is afraid to step out of her comfort zone, to take a chance.

I am also enjoying fleshing out Dr. Samuel Thomas. He is a broken figure, suffering from a tragic loss. His driven blinded goal causes him to fail to see what is right in front of him. He is also suffering from regret, a regret that will haunt him.

I have asked a few select people I trust to look over the first few chapters. I am getting really excited about this.

I am not concerned about making money or creating a big splash. For me, its about creating and completing something. About achieving a goal, about not having any regrets.

I plan to self-publish and I hope this story will touch people and make them question what is right, what is wrong and that sometimes we live in the grey area of life.


About Denise Gideon

Denise Gideon is an avid watcher of TV with very definite opinions. From 2008-11 Gideon was the official podcast host for The CW series One Tree Hill, giving reviews on the show and interviewing cast members. From 2009-11, she was the social media director, and podcast host for Southern Gothic Productions, a production company in Wilmington, N.C. co-owned by former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton. Gideon has also worked closely with Jaki Valencia-Lauper in coordinating an releasing an online web-series called Jaki's Buzz. She was also the music supervisor for the pilot of the web-series produced by Lauper. She is currently writes a re-cap for the ABC series Castle for Pop Insomniacs.
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