Puzzle Pieces of Crossing Cassie

Prior to my trip to business trip to St. Louis, I sat down and outlined every chapter of Crossing Cassie. It isn’t set in stone, but I am hoping I can follow the chapters I have laid out.

I am still writing out of order. From some of the research I have done, many authors have said they use this approach. I think it is helping me, because I have tried to write an original story before, only to get bored when I couldn’t get to the parts that really interested me.

So, I have looked out chapters and picked out the ones I am most excited to write about and then will move forward.

Today, I wrote a very pivotal scene for Cassie. I also hope I conveyed the inner workings of another character you will meet very soon, Samuel Thomas.

I hope those who are reading this will spread the word about my novel writing. In the coming weeks, I hope to share snippets of chapters and hopeful grow my following.

It is looking more and more like I will try to self publish this novel just to get my feet wet and see how it goes.



About Denise Gideon

Denise Gideon is an avid watcher of TV with very definite opinions. From 2008-11 Gideon was the official podcast host for The CW series One Tree Hill, giving reviews on the show and interviewing cast members. From 2009-11, she was the social media director, and podcast host for Southern Gothic Productions, a production company in Wilmington, N.C. co-owned by former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton. Gideon has also worked closely with Jaki Valencia-Lauper in coordinating an releasing an online web-series called Jaki's Buzz. She was also the music supervisor for the pilot of the web-series produced by Lauper. She is currently writes a re-cap for the ABC series Castle for Pop Insomniacs.
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