Meet Cassie Cross

Meet the heroine of the novel Crossing Cassie:

Cassie Cross – Light brown hair, deep green eyes, slight build and huge capacity for compassion

  • 32 years old
  • Doctor
  • Heart surgeon
  • Has on an off relationship with police detective Gage Farrell
  • Finds herself attracted to a handsome, but reclusive, fertility doctor that works in the hospital by the name of Dr. Samuel Thompson
  • Close friend is nurse – Beth Dunwoody
  • Works late nights
  • In an ally beside the hospital, where she likes to go and think, is where it happens, an abduction that will change her life forever and shake her to the very core. Sending her into a spiral making her question the lines that dictate right and wrong.

About Denise Gideon

Denise Gideon is an avid watcher of TV with very definite opinions. From 2008-11 Gideon was the official podcast host for The CW series One Tree Hill, giving reviews on the show and interviewing cast members. From 2009-11, she was the social media director, and podcast host for Southern Gothic Productions, a production company in Wilmington, N.C. co-owned by former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton. Gideon has also worked closely with Jaki Valencia-Lauper in coordinating an releasing an online web-series called Jaki's Buzz. She was also the music supervisor for the pilot of the web-series produced by Lauper. She is currently writes a re-cap for the ABC series Castle for Pop Insomniacs.
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