Plugging Along, Over Half Way There with Crossing Cassie

I have never been so motivated to finish a project like this one.

For years I have enjoyed writing fanfiction, extending my love for a show by writing the characters the way I see them. I even did some alternate universe stories, with the TV characters, molding them a bit. But they were always someone elses character.

Creating and fleshing out Cassie Cross, my heroine, has been a true journey for me. Getting in her head, speaking through her voice, giving her that voice. has been a freeing experience.

I want to create this world where ambiguity plagues the reader. Making them wonder if they are rooting for the right person.

Cassie Cross is a young woman looking for something. She isn’t sure what she wants and where she belongs. Cassie is a victim of missed opportunities and chances. I live my life on the belief of no regrets. Cassie Cross has regrets and is afraid to step out of her comfort zone, to take a chance.

I am also enjoying fleshing out Dr. Samuel Thomas. He is a broken figure, suffering from a tragic loss. His driven blinded goal causes him to fail to see what is right in front of him. He is also suffering from regret, a regret that will haunt him.

I have asked a few select people I trust to look over the first few chapters. I am getting really excited about this.

I am not concerned about making money or creating a big splash. For me, its about creating and completing something. About achieving a goal, about not having any regrets.

I plan to self-publish and I hope this story will touch people and make them question what is right, what is wrong and that sometimes we live in the grey area of life.

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Puzzle Pieces of Crossing Cassie

Prior to my trip to business trip to St. Louis, I sat down and outlined every chapter of Crossing Cassie. It isn’t set in stone, but I am hoping I can follow the chapters I have laid out.

I am still writing out of order. From some of the research I have done, many authors have said they use this approach. I think it is helping me, because I have tried to write an original story before, only to get bored when I couldn’t get to the parts that really interested me.

So, I have looked out chapters and picked out the ones I am most excited to write about and then will move forward.

Today, I wrote a very pivotal scene for Cassie. I also hope I conveyed the inner workings of another character you will meet very soon, Samuel Thomas.

I hope those who are reading this will spread the word about my novel writing. In the coming weeks, I hope to share snippets of chapters and hopeful grow my following.

It is looking more and more like I will try to self publish this novel just to get my feet wet and see how it goes.


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Meet Cassie Cross

Meet the heroine of the novel Crossing Cassie:

Cassie Cross – Light brown hair, deep green eyes, slight build and huge capacity for compassion

  • 32 years old
  • Doctor
  • Heart surgeon
  • Has on an off relationship with police detective Gage Farrell
  • Finds herself attracted to a handsome, but reclusive, fertility doctor that works in the hospital by the name of Dr. Samuel Thompson
  • Close friend is nurse – Beth Dunwoody
  • Works late nights
  • In an ally beside the hospital, where she likes to go and think, is where it happens, an abduction that will change her life forever and shake her to the very core. Sending her into a spiral making her question the lines that dictate right and wrong.
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Follow the Progress of My First Novel

For years, family and friends have said I should write a novel. Everyone is an aspiring novelist, right? The promise of wealth or even the thrill of recognition.

I found my love of writing at a very young age. I wrote my first story when I was 11 years old. But, the idea of sitting down to write a full-length novel was a daunting task. I always found myself starting a story but getting bored with it or feeling it went nowhere.

What I have now discovered is I just needed the right story, and I think I have found one.

I didn’t want a boring love story or some twisty thriller. In fact, I kind of wanted to incorporate both into one story. And my main goal is tear the reader’s  hearts out as they find themselves rooting for people in the book they should not.

In the coming weeks you will meet these characters, build a connection with them, and hopefully take this journey with me. Because, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

So, as a teaser, let me give you the name of your heroine – she is Cassie Cross, and you will fall in love with her heart and her spirit.

Denise Gideon

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